Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey Ken...Do You Know This Kid???

Due to blogging difficulties, this shot didn't get added in the right order...but it must be shared! More on this part of the day later in the post.

My Susan and her Steven arrived safe and sound yesterday morning! What a treat for us!

Since it was morning, we headed straight for the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market and loaded up on nice, hot beverages. Little dude was very happy with his hot chocolate.

Susan and I agreed that this photo needs some explanation. (For the sake of our vanity!)

See, we had Steven take the photo and he is a tad shorter than we are, so his trajectory with the camera was from such an upward angle, it makes us appear that we have double chins! Everyone knows we really don't!

Moving right along...

We stopped off to say hi to the fishmongers at the Fish Market. There were no crowds, so they were busy setting up the fish for the day and weren't putting on their usual show.
Consider yourselves lucky to see Steven so close to the Monkfish...

We then walked up to catch the Monorail over to the Space Needle. This was a pretty big hit with Steven. I think there were only a few other people riding so it was like our own private coach.

This is my new favorite shot. It doesn't matter that I sit on the ground with my eye at butt level with the person in the photo.

Susan and I are sure that Tara Whitney would be so proud of my photo composition!

Even though we were just about the only people in line to take the elevator to the top, we still had to wait (for the elevator to return from its previous trip to the top.) Steven was less than thrilled!

Just kidding...I made him do that face!

Once up top, we played with all the cool machines they have to highlight the features of the Needle and then posed for pictures.

It really was a beautiful day to be up there. After riding back down in the cool elevator, we Monorailed back to our car at the Market and drove to Ballard to do a little chuckling and shopping at Archie McPhee. (Erica ~ be prepared!) Anyway, that top photo is Steven with just one of the fun things he tried on.

We got home, barely said hello to the family and had to head out to take Brian to bowling practice and we realized we hadn't really eaten lunch. We had to wait half an hour until the restaurant re-opened for the afternoon, so Steven bowled two quick games and then we went over to Cristiano's for amazing Chicken Caesar Salad and Pizza (for Susan and I) and a Cheese Pizza (for Steven.) So good! They brought a paper to cover the table for Steven to color...and color he did! He was cracking himself up here.

Well, that was our busy day yesterday. Today wasn't quite so busy (though check back tomorrow...BIG NEWS to report from the Liebel household!) We're getting ready to sit down now for some of Dano's burgers, chicken strips and home fries!

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