Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Windows and Dumb Birds

I'm going to begin and end this post with beauty (because the middle isn't pretty.) This is just a smattering of my Bleeding Heart plant. The blossoms are like little hanging jewels....hundreds of them! I love this plant. It is so vibrant and pretty and no matter what I do to it, it comes back even better than it was. Hearty doesn't begin to describe this gem.

Now, on to the ugly side of life here at the Liebel Ranch.

(I'm warning you now that one of the following photos may disturb some of you. There, you've been warned.)

This is part of the back of our house. We have these honkin' big windows. And living in the PNW, of course we have birds. Lots of not-so-bright birds. Now, before you think I'm all mean, realize that I go out every day to check to see if there are eggs in the nest that a very talented bird wove into the underside of our bedroom deck. (For the record, yes there are three of the most beautiful bright blue eggs I've ever seen!)

I really hope this wasn't their Mama. Because she is the latest dumb bird to fly full force into those big honkin' windows and subsequently break her wee little neck. How do I know her neck is broken?

Exhibit A: Sorry, but that is not a natural positioning of the neck on any bird I've seen. Sigh...we've discovered many a twisted little birdie in this area of the backyard. But we also find them under Dano's office window and the dining room window in the front. Seriously, they hit really hard and they leave little feathers hanging sadly on the windows from the impact. My windows have become windows of death. So, my apologies for grossing you out. Just keeping it real here! Let's move on to more beauty and happiness, shall we?

This is the beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Riggins. They're in love (like I really needed to add THAT!)

Welllll, my Missy Laura and her Corey are leaving this cuteness.... ...AND THEY'LL BE HERE FOR A VISIT IN FOUR DAYS!!!

I know, how can they possibly leave those furry babies (what is it with the long, lush tails in that family???) but I think we'll be able to show them a good time. Missy Laura, for taunting purposes only, here is a little teaser of what is to come... FPN (Fire Pit Nights) ~ PNW style! We cannot wait! See you on Thursday!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to My Mama

This is one of my favorite photos: That's me, sitting on my mama's lap. Circa 1970.

For the record, I never called my mama "Mom." She was always "Mommy" and that evolved into "Mama."

And this is my mama with all three of her babies: Glen, Keith and Diane. My mama was quite the hottie boombalottie, huh? August 1970 ~ Mesa Verde National Park

My mama had a mama, too. That is her, my grandma, on the left. And that is my mama on the right, rockin' the frosted shag...SO the happening "Do" back in '71. Long Beach, California

Modeling our bling. People have always said I look like my mama. They're right! Caribbean Cruise ~ 2005

Three generations ~ Josie Grandma, Hayley and I. Marysville, Washington ~ 2008

So, it might seem like my mama has changed over the years, but I don't think so.

Case in point: My mama (in 1964) holding a 12 pounder. My mama (in 2009) holding a 12 pounder.

See? She looks the same!

Thanks for being my mama all these years ~ the one I still love to call just about every day to chat and laugh with. Happy Mother's Day! I'll call you later on!

Friday, May 1, 2009

How can you tell...

...when a Boxer is living in your home??? This is the sliding door leading out onto the kitchen deck. It would appear I've been slacking in my window washing duties. However, I've decided to wait until our houseguest goes home to give them a good scrub.

This is Boscoe. He and Abby got to be friends when she stayed at his house when we went to Phoenix for Spring Break (update on that next week!) Seriously, I could stare at this face all day. He is so expressive and it changes constantly.

Boscoe is a big boy. BIG BOY. He's laying in front of a sliding door here. Sizeable young man.

He has the coolest paws. They're huge. But check out his nails. People pay good money for a pedicure like that!

This was mid-yawn. Sigh. Can you stand it?

I usually don't ask my houseguests to help with the dishes, but Boscoe was more than happy to help with the Au Gratin bowl. He was quite thorough. He worked the bowl like this for five minutes.

After cleaning up the dinner dishes, we went outside for some of this. Boscoe likes to run and fetch the tennis ball, so we throw the ball over and over and over until he tires out.

Because of his rather powerful jaws, I wait until he drops the ball so I can throw it again. He cracks me up because he'll drop it and it'll roll an inch and he'll stare it down and then pounce on it.

A profile of the boy. He has one of those faces only a mother could love. I'm his foster mother this week and I'm in love.

He has this deep ridge between his eyes. Brian's finger is completely nestled in there.

This is what Boscoe would have looked like if his ears had been cropped Boxer style.

This is what he would have looked like if he had played Sally Field's part in the Flying Nun. You don't honestly expect us to not play with the ears, do you?

Living the life of a big dog is exhausting. It must be a Boxer trait because our foster-pup Sasha sleeps exactly like this, too.

But that position only lasts so long before...

...he really gets comfy. Then he goes upstairs and snuggles in Brian's bed for the night.

Sigh. Hayley has volleyball Regionals all this weekend, so I'm not going to be around to play with the big boy. We'll have to have some good tennis ball time before his mama arrives on Monday to take him home.

Sniffle sniffle...