Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to My Mama

This is one of my favorite photos: That's me, sitting on my mama's lap. Circa 1970.

For the record, I never called my mama "Mom." She was always "Mommy" and that evolved into "Mama."

And this is my mama with all three of her babies: Glen, Keith and Diane. My mama was quite the hottie boombalottie, huh? August 1970 ~ Mesa Verde National Park

My mama had a mama, too. That is her, my grandma, on the left. And that is my mama on the right, rockin' the frosted shag...SO the happening "Do" back in '71. Long Beach, California

Modeling our bling. People have always said I look like my mama. They're right! Caribbean Cruise ~ 2005

Three generations ~ Josie Grandma, Hayley and I. Marysville, Washington ~ 2008

So, it might seem like my mama has changed over the years, but I don't think so.

Case in point: My mama (in 1964) holding a 12 pounder. My mama (in 2009) holding a 12 pounder.

See? She looks the same!

Thanks for being my mama all these years ~ the one I still love to call just about every day to chat and laugh with. Happy Mother's Day! I'll call you later on!

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Josie Gramma said...

To my little girl -- Thank you-Thank you-Thank you.
So sweet of you to honor me.
Yes I have been a Mama for over 51 years, that's a long time and now its great to see our Grandchildren growing up.