Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're Babysitting...

These are our next-door neighbors, Tom and Tami, and their two lovely daughters. Tami is the one in red, rockin' the baby bump... ...well, say "Hello" to that bump! Happy Birthday Ashlynn! She was born just this morning. {Sighhhhh.} Isn't she precious? Yes, she is.

So, we get to babysit their furry baby, Sasha. Isn't she precious? Yes, she is. Abby might beg to differ, but only because Abby is a grumpy old woman compared to Sasha and she can only handle so much sniffing and playing before she has to have a chat with Sasha. But Sasha is a quick study, (not to mention the sweetest dog around) so she listens to what Abby has to say and acts accordingly.

We haven't decided yet if we're going to give her back to Tom and Tami. (Haha...just kidding Tom!)

Anyway, Hayley and I went to the Outlet and goo goo'd and gaa gaa'd over itty bitty baby girl clothes today. {Sighhhhh} I'm on such a baby high after looking at the clothes, I'm just gonna melt when I meet Ashlynn!

Goo goo. Gaa gaa.


Laura and Corey said...

K baby girl IS pretty cute... but I just have a soft spot in my heart for little fur babies. and I want that dog!!!!!!!!!

Claudious said...

As a total breeder I think it's great that they have friends like you to watch the furry baby. And you probably don't have to make sure he's in bed by 10, that's even better.