Friday, August 29, 2008

Very, Very Proud

First of all, I do apologize for the absence of posts. We had a busy week of volleyball tryouts, work, laundry, cooking, sewing, and getting ready for school. I think once school starts and we get back on a schedule in the Liebel casa, I'll blog more frequently.

So, I warned you back when I started this blog that I would indeed gloat about my flowers...if I actually grew anything. I am very proud to present the following photos for your enjoyment!

Behold (a few days ago...)

And that turned into this! People, I GREW THIS FROM A BULB! And there are more blossoms getting ready to burst open and color our world around here. This is big. I'm a Dahlia freak and to actually grow this beauty...well, I'm a little excited! It's not even done opening up...

I put Gladiolus bulbs all over the flowerbeds...

Can you stand it?

I bought four skinny little fuschia plants from the high school greenhouse around the middle of June...

...and they completely filled up my wall planter and are blooming like crazy. Sigh.

These are Lupines that I grew from seed...

They weren't expected to bloom this first year, but lookie here! It is the only bloom, but that makes it that much more charming.

Dano boiled some eggs early this week and after a few days of soaking in the very yellow tumeric-infused concoction, we now have Joe Josts Pickled Eggs. Hayley has already taste-tested and deemed them a success. Another batch is already soaking.

And finally, we could not be more proud of our little Bobo (and yes, she will kill me for printing that!) Hayley had volleyball tryouts all this week and after coming home every day with sore muscles... ...she made her high school Varsity Volleyball team! She is beyond excited for the upcoming season and dude, SO ARE WE! Her coach affectionately calls her "The Beast" and we are ready to see her in action! Go Middle!

Finally, healing thoughts go out to my Mama, who is dealing with a compression fracture in her back and also to our buddy Blake, who suffered a nasty break of his collarbone last night at football. Mend those bones people!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Josie Gramma said...

Flowers are so beautiful, as is my Granddaughter. Congratulations Hayley! You are the BEAST!
See you all soon.