Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bootyheads Unite!

Jane and Audrey, Hayley's besties from SoCal arrived here this morning! Just look at those smiles. We've got some happy girls here.

After stopping for some lunch at Ray's, we came home to get them all settled in. First of all, the girls had to say hi to Molly. Usually, when Molly hears unfamiliar voices in the house, she hides under our bed, but she must've remembered Audrey and Jane because she just waited for them to come give her some love! Then they headed upstairs to check out their guest room, which we girlied up with some hot pink accents for them. They seemed pleased! After unpacking, there was lots of catching up to do...and then naps all around! For dinner we headed down to Romio's (one of our favorite Italian restaurants) for salad, spaghetti, eggplant parmagiana and pizza. A little Dairy Queen for dessert and we were all set to come home and watch the Olympics.

Tomorrow, the girls are serving lunch to the elderly at the Community Center (part of a service project with the school volleyball team) and later in the afternoon we're heading to the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville for a tour and then dinner.

Have a great day everyone!

(By the way, the Bow Lake update is still in the works. There are just so many fun photos, I can't decide which ones to share!)

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Josie Gramma said...

The girls have sure grown up since 8th grade graduation.
Have a fun week.