Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bowling, Mariners and My Peggy

Sorry for the lack of updates! We had a few busy days, then a few slower days. The boys have been having a ball hanging out together. On Wednesday, Hayley attended a volleyball camp at UW, so I took the boys to go bowling. You know, bowling is one of those activities where you can have fun, no matter what your skill level.

Case in point: The dude on the right is Eddy, a friend of Brian's from school. Eddy may look a little goofy in that shot (and he would totally agree...he knows what he did!) but what you don't know about Eddy is that he has a whopping 210 average. People, 210! The other three dudes might have averaged 210 all together. So you see, good or bad, there is fun to be had at the bowling alley!

Thursday was a lay-around day. There is a whole lot of Halo going on in the bonus room (aka: The Teenage Lair.)

Friday, Dan and the boys took a little jaunt down to take in the Mariners vs. Orioles. They hoped for a good game, but alas, what IS IT with our M's? Our boys gave up and headed home while the score held at 9-0 Orioles. The M's managed 5 in the 9th, but the final score was 10-5. They did have a good time but my camera was left on the kitchen counter, so I have no photos!!! Heavy sigh.

Today, we're heading over to the Schueller's for the annual Ironman and BBQ. This isn't your ordinary Ironman competition. No sir. About 40 men divide into two-man teams and start bright and early playing 18 holes of golf, they bowl, they swim, they play volleyball, they throw horseshoes and finish up with a free-throw contest. Points are awarded in each event and the winner is crowned. An awesome event. All the men and their families meet up after the first three events for a BBQ with burgies and dogs and assorted appetizers, salads, sides and desserts. The eating, playing and fun will go on well into the night!

So, this morning, I whipped up a batch of appetizers using these ingredients:

We call these "Peggy's Cucumber Thingies." Peggy is one of my best friends down in SoCal and I tend to call her My Peggy. She's the only Peggy I know and we used to have coffee and therapy chats every Wednesday morning, rain or shine! I love and miss My Peggy dearly. Anyway, Peggy is pretty much known for making these tasty little treats, so I never would have made them back in SoCal. These belong to Peggy. But nobody up here knows Peggy, so I begged the recipe off of her and she obliged. Thank you my dear friend!

Behold, Peggy's Cucumber Thingies: Please stop drooling on your keyboard.

So, I'm armed with 3 trays of these yummies as well as a huge container of Pioneer Woman's cookie/candy treats. Dano is going to help out on the grill since two back surgeries in the last year don't bode well for scoring a lot of points in the Ironman. The kids will roam and hang out and make new friends. It should be a great day!

And finally, speaking of a great day, our niece Mindy is getting married today to the man of her dreams, Sandro! Congratulations and much love to both of them on this wonderful day!

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