Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Flathers are coming!!!

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts. To be honest, it has been much too pretty (and hot) to sit inside! That and....our friend Shawn (aka Shawnie Boy!...aka S-Boy) is arriving with his three lovely daughters today. They'll be here for a few days before heading to visit Shawn's parents. I'll post more tomorrow! Meanwhile, check out my new favorite plant...the Bleeding Heart. Have you ever seen such cool blossoms? I think not! Oh, the ankle is mending nicely. When I'm just too lazy to strap the Herman Munster boot on, I can even walk without the boot. But don't worry...I don't want to risk the progress, so I do still wear the %*&#@ boot. Just sayin'... Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Flowers are beautiful. I bet Molly is jealous that Rocky Kitty is outside and she isn't.
If you think your weather is hot, you should come to Arizona --- yesterday 110 in the shade