Wednesday, July 16, 2008

520 Feet in 41 Seconds...

to the top of this! Yep, Tuesday was total tourist day for us. We took Ryan to the Space Needle. Once at the top, the boys headed straight for the telescopes. Unless you've been to the top, you just cannot imagine how cool it is to take in the 360 degree view of Seattle.

Hayley and I had to get a shot together.

Ahhhh, Lake Union, with the Cascades off on the horizon.

That is Quest Field and Safeco Field where the Seahawks and Mariners play!

Downtown Seattle...beautiful.

After spending quite a bit of time 520 feet up, we headed over to the famous Pike Place Market. It is a public market full of vendors selling amazing fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, jewelry, soaps, handmade goods.....and fish! Lots of fresh fish right off the boats that dock just below the market. This is the most famous of the fish vendors, the Pike Place Fish Market. These guys are so entertaining. There are usually four or five behind the upper counter cutting and wrapping fish orders and two or three down on the floor helping unsuspecting customers. It usually begins with someone requesting salmon...and then the fish start flying! They holler out "SOCKEYE SALMON!!!" and the guy on the floor hurls a huge fish up to the guys behind the counter, often a good 15 feet away. Then, they throw it back. And back it goes again. And they don't miss. Then, a really big fish comes flying past the guy that is supposed to catch it and often smacks right into the unsuspecting customer. They scream and hop around. Then they realize it is a big stuffed fish...

...and the crowd goes wild!!! It never gets old. One time, we saw a lady posing all pretty for a picture and the stuffed fish hit her square in the back of the head. Classic!

This gal actually got to hold an enormous Chinook salmon while the fishmonger held a really little fish. What a guy...he had no issues!

After strolling all through the market, we went across the street to the original Starbucks store! How could we not? That is a giant brass post at the entry to the store, commemorating that it is the very first Starbucks store. We practically had to wait in line to take a picture with it. We all had Frappuccinos because it was wicked hot outside and slurped them while listening to an amazing trio of gentlemen singing a capella Gospel and R&B. I could have listened to them all day!

Finally, we headed home for dinner, firecrackers in the street...and Wipeout! Sadly, today we have to take Ryan to the airport and say goodbye. It's been a great week filled with fun stuff and we're going to miss our California buddy!


Laura and Corey said...

remember the time I came to seattle and we didnt leave the house for 3 days? well through this post, i feel like i have actually seen the sights!

Julie said...

Oooh... I want to visit. I have only been to Seattle once, but would love to go again.