Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Liebel's get CRABBY!

Say hello to Bri's little friend! Our friends Ken and Danette invited us to come hang out on the 5th at their Camano Island beach house. How lucky are we? Especially since they'd dropped some crab pots out in the Sound and the yield was good! And tasty. =) I think these dudes were from the first pot. I guess you lay them on their backs so they can't scurry off the patio area back into the water. Oh, and you rub their tummies to make them go to sleep! But...nasty claws...just ask Dan and his sore finger. We heard his manly exclamation of pain in the boat...and we were at the house probably 100 yards away. Anyhoo... No matter how testy the claw action, they ended up in some hot water! Boiling Sound water, to be exact! Then dunked in cold water, cleaned and popped into the fridge. Butter? Pish. Cocktail sauce? Unnecessary. Picked straight out of the shell is the way to go. Yummy!!! Of course, not everyone likes crab and that's what hot dogs and brats are for! What could be better than cooking your own doggie over a nice hot fire pit? Speaking of doggies... Abby came with us and met strapping hottie Jake. It was a veritable sniff-fest. But the queen of the pups is Danette's baby girl...Maisie! She was wayyy more interested in dragging sticks out of the water than sniffing. A true water pup! Just look at that precious face... This was our view across the Sound. Strangely enough, we live about 8 miles back from the center of this shot! This about sums up how we felt this morning! We got home around midnight last night and woke up with crab hangovers around 7:00'ish to watch the Men's Wimbledon final. Yay Rafa Nadal! Ken and Danette, thank you so much for a wonderful day at your charming Beach House! We had a blast and add it to the list of fun times we've had with your family!

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Laura and Corey said...

How fun! I love the pics of the puppies most of all though!