Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Picking up where they left off...and a Field Trip!

So, how can you tell that you have two additional boys in your house???

A.) The shoe population increases


B.) The laughter volume GREATLY increases!

I love that our kids can go months without seeing their cousins and the minute they are reunited, it's like no time has passed at all! Dan and Brian picked Tyler and Kevin up at the airport yesterday and they've been talking and laughing and catching up and carrying on since.

So, can you guess where we went Monday? Since we heard an ugly rumor that it is supposed to rain more this week, we decided to use Monday's beautiful, clear weather to head down to Seattle and check out the Space Needle.

Last time we went on a Tuesday and walked right in. On Monday, we had to wait about half an hour. To join the masses. Oh, did I mention it was like taking a Liebel Field Trip with the matching purple shirts? I never had to look far to know exactly where a Liebel boy was.

First, I had to get a shot of the boys for Tom and Enalyn. The problem is, there is no good angle up top to get a good shot. You're either dark in the shadow or squinting in full sun. This was my best, with downtown in the background.

Since the observation deck was so crowded, the boys found other things to do to keep occupied while waiting for a spot on the edge...like making people think they were choking each other. Good times!

We pause here for the gratuitous "Make-a-Face-Shot...." Hmmmm, what's that on the horizon above Kevin and Tyler's heads??? Can you see it...?

No? Okay, zoom in a little (okay, a lot!) and we have Mt. Rainier, which Kevin informed me is the highest peak in Washington! (He did a school report on Washington state this year.) Pretty, huh?

At the base of the Space Needle is a little amusement park that was just calling to the kids. First they rode the Ferris Wheel. I kind of like this angle!

Then the Tornado, which they spin themselves with that wheel in the center. Their little pod was spinning like crazy while all the others were just hanging there.

That's why they felt like this afterwards! Just kidding...their stomachs are strong!

Finally, they rode the very frightening kiddie roller coaster. Good times!

I didn't get pictures, but a frequent stop for us with our visitors has become the Army Surplus store to get custom dogtags. The guy that stamps them out is really cool and always seems quite entertained by the Liebel clan. We do what we can!

Next stop: Pike Place Market. Yes, it really was that crowded. We strolled to the Fish Market and waited around until the fish started flying. The kids positioned themselves just right and Brian and Kev caught the stuffed fish. More good times!

A quick (if you call waiting a good 15 minutes for your order "quick") stop into the original Starbucks for Frappuccinos...

...and then we had to trek up a seriously steep hill. The photo doesn't really convey the incline. Trust me. I stopped not only to take the photo, but to try to stop the burning in my thighs and wheezing in my lungs! This was about 2/3 up the hill and no, those are not ants behind the boys. They are people near the bottom of the hill. See what I mean? Purple Field Trip.

We finished up the day with some dinner and then S'mores out in the backyard. Our neighbors came over and joined us and we ended up out there by the fire until 11:30! Lousy photo....great company!

Tomorrow: Sleeping in a little and then we'll see!


Josie Gramma said...

Wonderful pictures of the kids and the Seattle skyline.
Mt. Rainier is awsome.

Laura and Corey said...

fun stuff!

Claudious said...

You got some really great pictures, and it looks like a lot of fun. The time I went up to Seattle I think we skipped the space needle and I'm regretting it now.

I was going to suggest other than the laughter and the shoes, when I have family over I can't help but wish for a few extra bathrooms too.