Saturday, July 5, 2008

Guess what we did last night...???

Okay. Living where we do in Washington on the 4th of July definitely has its advantages! We are literally 5 minutes from what must be THE place to obtain fireworks in the greater Seattle area, judging from the 10 minute backup just to get off the freeway to get to Boom City. Danny and the kids came home with this little bundle of artillery. It's good to know someone with a fireworks stand. :)

We went to our next door neighbors BBQ yesterday (Thanks Tom and Tammy!) Had killer burgies and dogs, salads, fruit, desserts and of course, libations! Then, since it really doesn't get dark until at least 10:00, we had to find ways to occupy the kids (men included!) until it was dark. There was volleyball, skateboarding, chatting, and lots of smoke bombs, snakes, and M-80's. Yes, Tom even dragged out an extra sofa (that converted into a lounge) for maximum firework-viewing pleasure. Too cool. This was Brian, impressing Heath with his double-ended creation.

While waiting for darkness, I couldn't help but take in the sky. Incredibly looked like a painted backdrop. This may be my new header photo for the blog!

Darkness finally came and the fireworks definitely did not disappoint! We transplants from SoCal are used to very low key displays on the 4th. Certainly nothing shot up in the air. Dare I say, after experiencing lasts night's display in our little cul-de-sac...we had grown accustomed to underwhelming displays. I tried to get photos, but in the end, I decided to put the camera down and Oooh and Ahhhh and take it all in. But dude, these were OUR fireworks!!! This photo doesn't even begin to capture it...

I looked over at one point and captured this. That is our house, looking to the north. The neighbors over there were also putting on a pretty good display and while I'm just a tad inept with the night settings on the camera, this just might be our favorite shot of the night!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Laura and Corey said...

Glad you guys had a good Fourth...we missed you guys!