Friday, June 27, 2008


First off, we said goodbye yesterday to our houseguest, Kevin Sagers. I told Laura I liked him so much because: He is just so sweet, handsome, loves Uncle Danny’s cooking, puts his dishes in the sink, loves his girlfriend and sends her awesome flowers, was valedictorian in a class of OVER 900 students, giggles like a little kid when he watches “Wipeout”, has a 40” vertical approach jump and a nasty-*ss kill shot, and adores Hayley because she reminds him of his own little sister. THAT is why I love our new friend. And then he went and wrote the sweetest and most eloquent little note in the guestbook up in the Liebel B&B. Big sigh. Hi Kevin! Have a great week off at home! We'll miss you and really do hope you'll come back next year! Moving on...this is Molly. She is our kitty. At the moment, she is a little miffed at me (explanation to follow) and will not look at the camera. Fine. I think this is kind of pretty anyway! She's looking out Dan's office window and for the record, that hydrangea...yeah. It looks fake. I found it in the Safeway floral dept. back in March. It came in the prettiest pink ceramic pot. With the most gorgeous puffs of burgundy and green. It hasn't lost a single petal, but better yet, it has a bunch of new growth on the stems. I guess I need to move it to a bigger pot, but I just love it on my little table on the front porch! Molly loves it, too! Okay...enough. Now I just sound like a crazy cat lady. Here is our Abby. She is tired (explanation to follow.) When I look at this photo, all I can think of is this little mole that we found in the back forest. Dead. His little flipper diggers looked like Abby's arms. Yes, I called them arms. Dan and I don't agree on this term. He says they are legs. Potayto...potahto. So, why are my furry babies so tired (and in Molly's case, irritable?) Because....HELLO SUMMER!!! Our pup needs a bath, so I decided to give her a good brushing first. She tends to get juuuust a wee bit excited when she gets brushed. Hence, the need to lie down and rest. Little did I know I'd end up with piles of undercoat. And Molly escaped my clutches before I could finish, so I know there is more fuzz to be dealt with. All in good time, kitty! As is a photo of the Day 7 bruising. I know, ugliness. The good doctor was right! However, I am ecstatic to report that I'm able to walk in the boot (fondly referred to as "Herman Munster") without the crutches! You cannot imagine my glee to be able to carry things while getting from Point A to Point B. Hey people, little victories! Finally, our very best wishes to Jenny and Jeremy! Our niece is getting married tomorrow down in California! While we can't be there in person to share your special day, know that we'll be thinking of you and we'll have a Washington toast to your happiness. Much love to you both!

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Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

You are of course right Diane-- that picture on my blog IS of good old Palmer Park! Email me at I want to tell you about our new place. You will know exactly where it is. :) --Michelle