Friday, June 20, 2008

My Lovely New View

Things I learned last night:

1. Don't play frisbee in flip flops. On grass that has any moisture on it. Ever.

2. Sometimes, the student X-ray tech is smarter than the real X-ray tech.

3. Homemade pizza tastes amazing at 11:30 pm after a trip to the ER.

4. Ibuprofen does a fine job, until it wears off at 3:00 am.

5. When you don't think you have time for a broken ankle, and all that entails, you will make time for that broken ankle.

Sigh. I have a non-displaced posterior malleolar fracture. Have to go in for more x-rays on Monday to clarify if it is the tibia or the fibula, because the whole enchilada hurts and they couldn't quite tell which bone since there was overlapping on the x-ray. Meanwhile, I have to keep it propped up on four pillows (for maximum comfort...three doesn't cut it!) and veg. I must say though, that it doesn't hurt as much as I expected (as long as I don't apply any pressure to it and keep it still.) So, my man-servant Danny and his two assistants are keeping me comfy. And while I knew it all along, I have to shout out, "I have the best family in the whole world!"


Laura and Corey said...

aunt diane aunt diane aunt diane!!!! im so sorry :( but your blog entry is to call you later...

Josie Gramma said...


Julie said...

Oh no! I guess you'll be on crutches at Jenny's wedding...that sucks! Glad everyone is taking good care of you.