Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's Not to Love???

I think so many people were a little puzzled why we would want to leave sunny Southern California and move to Seattle. Where it rains. Every day. All day. Rain. RAAAAIIIINNNNN!!
Welllll, it does rain here. But certainly not every day and not all day. But, today it is raining a soft, gentle rain. It's the perfect day for a cup of coffee and baking brownies for later. A perfect day to sit in my crafty space by the window and make something. I really do love to take in how lush and green everything is up here. So, while it does rain, that rain makes everything grow so beautifully. The photo above is SOTC (straight out of the camera.) I added the frame, but nothing else. That is my pot of poppies with one bloom and the rest are ready to pop. Next to it are one of two pots of double petunias. They're fairly new, but I expect them to cascade over the edge. I hope you all don't get bored reading about my obsession with plants and flowers. (Just wait until I share my newfound obsession with cows and baby buffalo...then you'll think I've really lost it!) I just can't help myself...I love it here!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!
You have a wonderful life up in Washington,so much better than where you were before.
Can't wait to see your flowers and garden this summer.