Saturday, June 27, 2009

Riggins to Seattle '09: Part II

Here they are again: My favorite lovebirds. Hanging out on Deception Pass. On Friday morning, we drove up north to the little town of La Conner. It is impossibly charming with little shops and yummy places to eat. We settled on having a late breakfast at the Calico Cupboard. Trust me, it was to die for! On the way out, amidst the wafting aroma of fresh croutons being made, Missy Laura and I made our way over to the bakery case full of unbelievably decadent treats. It took about 10 seconds for both of us to lock eyes with the Chocolate-covered Coconut Bar and some homemade caramels. We'll talk about that later. We all had to walk off our breakfast just a bit, so we mosied up and down the main drag of La Conner, looking in the shops at all the one-of-a-kind goodies. Seriously, I could retire in La Conner where Danny and I could make crafty things all day to sell to the tourists. But only after having breakfast every morning at the Calico Cupboard!

Next, we drove up and over to South Whidbey Island. What connects the mainland with South Whidbey is Deception Pass. It is two spans of bridge and looking out on either side are beautiful views of the water WAYYY below and all the pretty greenery. It is quite breathtaking. Dano and I being tourists.

We drove all the way down through South Whidbey and then boarded the ferry to take us back across the Puget Sound to Mukilteo. Missy Laura didn't tell us that she gets a wee bit nauseous until we were already on the ferry, but she did just fine on the trip. How cute are they?

But really, when one is on a ferry with a little outcropping to stand on at the front end of said ferry, there is only one thing to do: "I'm flying, Jack!!!"

I know...we are dorks. We pretty much agreed on that fact when we turned around and looked up at the ferry pilots looking down at us through the window, shaking their heads. Yeah, like they've never seen that pivotal scene from Titanic recreated on the ferry before!!! Sheeshh.....

Anywayyyyy, we drove off the ferry at Mukilteo and took an immediate left turn into the Ivar's parking lot. It was a beautiful day and we were just starting to get hungry. And thirsty. We sat out on the balcony and I believe Missy Laura and I enjoyed some Malibu and OJ while they guys had beer.

This is Laura's first taste of her chowdah. Ivar's is famous for their Clam Chowder. I generally don't like clam chowder, but I do eat it at Ivar's. With a hot sourdough roll. Dano and I always split a bowl. Sadly, I cannot remember what else we ate at Ivar's. I think we kept it light because of everything we'd consumed at breakfast!

We went home and putzed around before having dinner. Missy Laura and I had not yet sampled the Chocolate-covered Coconut Bar. We set it out of sight where we thought it would be safe. It was not safe. To be completely honest, it would not have been safe anywhere in the house!

So, while Dano and Corey were out on the deck prepping the grill to cook dinner, my Laura and I had a VERY weak moment. It isn't that we nibbled on the Chocolate-covered Coconut Bar right before dinner.

No, what makes us truly weak is that we hid in the pantry to nibble on the Chocolate-covered Coconut Bar right before dinner. And we giggled. And nibbled. And snorted. We thought we would pee our pants because we were laughing so hard. Then Laura decided to move up here and be my neighbor so we could eat Chocolate-covered Coconut Bars every day.

Okay, I made that part up. THAT is the scene of the crime. THAT is where weak moments occur.

Tsk tsk.

But there is more. We thought our weak moment went unnoticed by anyone else in the house. Because we were hidden in the pantry. Unfortunately, we were found out! I'd asked Hayley to do something earlier and I never saw her do it. So, I asked her and she said she took care of it. I said, "Yeah? Where was I???"

(I'm sure you know where this is going....)

Hayley: "You and Laura were in the pantry...giggling."

Stay tuned! There is still more Riggins to Seattle to come...

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Laura and Corey said...

I AM DYING OVER HERE! You are so funny! I cannot even handle our titanic scene- that picture is classic. And I NEED another one of those coconut bars. In the pantry. With you. These pics remind exactly how much we laughed that weekend. I miss you!