Monday, June 22, 2009

Riggins to Seattle '09: Part I

Just look at these two. I call them my Lovebirds. One year, three months and 14 days since they said, "I do!" Seems like it was yesterday!
Missy Laura and her boy, Corey flew up back in May to visit us in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Problem was, it wasn't rainy. It was gloriously hot and sunny. We couldn't have asked for prettier weather for our favorite newlyweds to experience.

After we picked them up at the airport and drove home, I had to show Laura one of the favorite things in my house...the Keurig. Laura, being the coffee drinker that she is, said a little prayer of thanks and immediately brewed herself a cuppa joe. I believe she chose the Island Coconut flavor, which opened up a whole new level of bonding for my darling niece and I. More on that in Part II.

By the way, that is my "Butler's Pantry" aka "The Bar." Remember, I don't have a butler. Heh heh. Laura was pretty much in heaven as the little Keurig quickly chugged out a fine cup of coconut-flavored coffee.

A dash of vanilla creamer... ...and Laura decided to move in and never go back to Southern California.

The End! =)

Sorry, I made that last part up. I was only wishing she would move up here and be my neighbor and we could drink coconut-flavored coffee together every morning. Sigh.

Laura has been to our house before. It was a whirlwind visit back in November of 2007 and spent a wonderful 48 hours in our pajamas making her amazing wedding invitations. Corey, since he was on a nuclear submarine at that time, did not come with and had never seen our house. So, while Dano showed Corey (whom Dano affectionately refers to as "Corndog") around the expanse of the yard, I showed Laura the really important things. Like the Keurig.

And my birdie nest, which was an architectural feat of epic proportions. It was lovingly built in the support beam under my bedroom deck. Some wonderful birdie worked awfully hard on this thing. As my dad would say, "It was strong. Like bull."

Remember in an earlier post, when I said there were three of the most beautiful bright blue eggs I'd ever seen? Remember? Check it out...photographic proof: Can you even stand it? Laura was amazed. Corndog was amazed. It was such a sweet sight. So we all went inside and toasted the birdnest and the bright blue eggies with some margaritas, chips and guacamole while Dano made a Mexican feast worthy of our out-of-town travelers. All was right in the world. All was good.


I let Abby and Sasha out for their morning potty time and in my sleepy daze, something caught my eye. Why, it looks like......

{{Insert horrified gasp here}}

IT COULD NOT BE: I know this will be painful for my Laura to relive (even more painful than the month-long wait for me to blog about their visit!) but I must do it to honor the birdies. First, click on the above photo. The big nest was truly a woven marvel. Nestled inside, yet completely separate from that was a super soft, delicate inner nest. And yes, those blue bits....egg shells. Can you see it? No?

How about now? Sigh. We don't know what decided to come into our yard during the night and rip the nest from the beam and then dine on some unpoached eggs. I'm not sure I want to know! It could have been a raccoon or a squirrel or even my Chippie the chipmunk (which my bowling friends told me that "chippie" was a term for a prostitute way back...shows what I know!) Danny thinks it could have been an owl. It could have been Rocky, looking for raw eggs to guzzle. We do know that Sasha woke up and went to sit by the open sliding door in the middle of the night so she must've known something evil was going on out there. All I know is, my Missy Laura and her Corey did not fly all the way up here to experience death and destruction on their first full day here!!!! We needed something to ease our troubled minds. Something soft and gentle.

Ahhhhh, that's better. This was right across the street from us. These sweeties were fairly small. New life. Gotta love nature!

So ends Part I of the Riggins visit. Check back tomorrow to see what fun we managed to round up on Friday! Hint: it involves the front end of a ferry boat!


Laura and Corey said...

the pain is exiting my body...
1. Why do I have a lazy eye in the photo of me and Corey?
2. The coffee and coffee maker really DID make me that happy
3. Those eggs were glorious. Good for you for not posting the little dead bird embryo photo because I TOTALLY would have and most likely would have ended up alienating my blog readers.
4. Those little baby deer bring a tear to my eye...

DIANE said...

That is so not a lazy eye. It is the look of bliss. Just wait until I post the one of me and my two chins. Thaaaats pretty!

Julie said...

Aww!! I want to come too (death and destruction of little birdies aside). I am eagerly awaiting Part II of the Riggins' Visit!