Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011: Day 23


Hayley received her first college acceptance letter yesterday!  The University of Portland wants my kid.  This was a big moment, being the first acceptance letter and all.  But honestly, do you see the color of her shirt there?  UW purple baby!  She won't hear back from the University of Washington until March so while this letter is great, its more of a back-up plan.  Our girl wants to be a Dawg!!

Meanwhile, the studying continues.  Allow me to introduce one of Hayley's best buds, making his very first photo appearance on the blog:  JARED!
They've been classmates in the ORCA program for the past 2 years and became fast friends.  He came over last night to work on a lab with Hayley.  There may have been Milano's and chocolate brownie FroYo involved.  Just sayin'.  Jared is one of my Blog Nazi's...he keeps me honest by ohhh so gently urging me to update the blog when I lapse into blogging apathy.  For example, a gentle Facebook prod from Jared...please do enjoy:

Last blog update was on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2010
                                       do you see a problem here?

That was written on December 24, 2010.  He makes a very good point.  Thanks Jared...I actually need the prodding!

Well, the hubby comes home from a SoCal business/golf  trip tonight.  Yes, that is an emphasis on golf!  He stayed at Pat and Andree's gorgeous desert hideaway, but got to go salivate over the new Liebel/Fischer condo in Palm Desert.  Someday sweetie....someday!
We've got two babies to get through college!  =) 

And since this is a post about college acceptance, how could I not include this??

It'd be really cool if you guys wouldn't tell people I scream like that. 

Heh heh...have a great week!! 

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