Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back by popular demand...

...actually it would seem by very popular demand!

Let's be honest here: I don't think anyone reads my little blog. (Insert lonely, sad face here.) I get very few comments and you know who you are (Hi Josie Grandma and Missy you!) So, I just figured nobody else cared about what us PNW Liebel's were up to. Then I started getting verbal comments from Dano and Brian and Josie Grandma. Basically (and I'm totally paraphasing here:) "People have inquiring minds! They want you to update your dang blog!"

So, since Spring has sprung in these here parts, first I updated the banner. Above, is a glimpse of our luscious flowering trees that now line our property. If you're nice, perhaps I'll post a photo of the current state of the landscaping soon. It's pretty. And it's cool. It's pretty cool. Heh heh.

This was just a teaser of future blog updates. I have to head out to do errands, etc. We have volleyball Regionals Saturday and Sunday. And since I can't do a blog post without a photo, behold: Just a little taste of what we've been up to this week. I know! Can you stand it???? His name is Boscoe and I'll tell you all about him later on.


Josh & Heidi said...

I love that dog!!

Laura and Corey said...

He is super cute! And I definitely check your blog everyday looking for new posts!

Josie Gramma said...

There is life in the State of Washington. I thought you all got washed away in the rain or still buried under the snow.
Your house guest is very adorable in a big way!
Anyway My Dear, you all had a trip to the warm wonderful Arizona, we had a family reunion, you bowled a fantastic series, etc and what do we get -- Nothing. I'm sure all the people that peek at your blog and never leave a comment are wondering what happened. Maybe all who look should at least leave a little comment.

Julie said...

Hey, I'm a reader too! And Chris reads he just doesn't comment. I don't have as much uninterrupted computer time as I used too, but I know you'll understand why. Keep blogging and I'll catch up when I can!!