Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day Y'all

Reporting live from beautiful Marysville. Snowed in, if you will. Yep, we're on our 2nd Snow Day from school. Tomorrow is only half day, so really, Christmas vacation started yesterday! Woohoo! This is part of the front yard. Taken before it dumped another six inches on us yesterday.

I think we had about a foot of the white stuff yesterday. These shots were taken early in the day. The patio table on the back deck:

Seeing how Hayley and Brian didn't grow up with any snow in their lives until now, they tend to get a little excited when it snows. So there was a lot of this: Abby is licking up the residue from the kids spraying cooking spray on the bottom of their boogie boards for extra sliiiiide. For the record, I believe the kids have used their boogie boards (meant for the ocean) up here in the snow wayyy more than they ever used them in the water down in SoCal!

There was a lot of this: This snow was perfect for packing into snowballs. Just sayin'. Abby...still licking.

There was this, where Hayley buried Brian in the snow: Abby....still licking.

There was a lot of chasing: Its not easy capturing them as they run up the stair at you.

Say it with me:

"Later dudes!" If you don't get that reference, go watch "Christmas Vacation" and get back to me. =)

Hayley came inside to thaw out, but Brian got busy doing a lot of this:

That is some heavy snow. Trust me.

Because it took two of us to hoist the middle section of Frosty onto his bottom portion.

He actually does have a hat, gloves and scarf. But we took them off so they wouldn't get lost in the snow that was still to fall.

Abby had a ball out in the snow.

Here she is wondering if there is any more cooking spray to lick up out there. You can see the snow piled up on the patio furniture. It got worse.

This is my gratuitous composition shot. And some serious snow flurries.

What, praytell, are you looking at? Well, that is a candle pot on the corner of the railing of our bedroom deck, nicely framed by the arbor over one of the gates in the backyard. And a lot of snow.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day:

I went out on the front porch and saw these darling little birdie footprints. The little guy must've hop-hop-hopped his way all over the porch. Can you stand it? Actually, this little bird looked like a fat little golf ball with feet and a beak. Cutest.Thing.EVER.

And finally, another of my favorite shots. Check this out:

My wonderful friend Kathy came over on Monday, and after she drove my children to school in the snow (Thanks again Kathy!) we baked cookies for NINE HOURS STRAIGHT! I believe we counted 14 varieties of cookie goodness. Seriously good times. Burgers at the Roadhouse for was truly a great day!

So, that gets you all up to date on the big snow of 2009. Oh, and Dano? He had to head down to SoCal on business earrrrrly Sunday morning, so he's missing all this. We miss you Dad!!!

Tomorrows post: THE BIG GINGERBREAD REVEAL! Oh, you'll want to come back for that!

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Laura and Corey said...

That looks like so much fun!!! The snow, the cookies, everything! But it also looks cold...I'm not sure my flip flops would work and THAT would be tragic.