Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

Dan's mom passed away. Just think...Christmas Eve. (You have to be a Liebel to get that one...)

It was a pretty sad moment to get the call that we knew was coming, but somehow it made perfect sense for Mom to leave us on Christmas Eve.

Mom loved Christmas and what better way to make her exit than to go hang out with Jesus on Christmas? I know in the days that followed, her entire family all took comfort in that thought. I didn't think we had a lot of photos of Mom, but going through the files, I found that we do! And for the record, I have this labeled under "Celebrations" because really, I think we should celebrate Mom today.

Here she is keeping watch over Thanksgiving gravy. She was really good at that!

With the kids after the annual Grandparents Day Mass at school. The first few years, I'd always go get a fresh corsage, but one year, I found a beautiful ivory silk rose corsage and gave that to her. (It is in the top photo next to the angel.) I think Mom really liked the functionality of the silk corsage and she wore it every year after that.

Mom also loved Halloween. Living close to her, we'd usually drive over and start our Trick-or-Treating at her house before heading back to our own neighborhood. I'm really struck by the color coordination here!

This is Grandma Liebel and Hayley after her First Communion. I'm not sure there was a happier day for Mom than when any of her grandchildren received their First Holy Communion. Mom was a woman overflowing with faith.

Here is Mom with her youngest, her baby. Her Danny. We miss our Mom. We miss our Grandma Liebel.

I'm sure I speak for everyone in simply saying...we miss her.


Josie Gramma said...

A beautiful tribute to Mrs. Liebel

Laura and Corey said...

I am so glad that I did not see that yesterday. Wow. I thought I was done crying. I thought I would post a blog too. But I felt like she looked sick in most of the pictures I had of her. Yours were beautiful. Grandma was the best.

Mindy and Sandro said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Even through the tears, we had smiles. I agree with Laura, Grandma was the best!