Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011: Day 53

This is our boy cat...known by a variety of names:  Willie, Willie Lunchmeat, Willie Big Mitts, Wilbur, Man-Whore, Willboy, Whoop-Whoop Willlie, Will and my favorite, Sir...as in, "Good morning Sir!  Would you care for some hambone with your kibble?"
Well, Sir decided to come home after a week-long self imposed exile to Lord knows where.  I guess you'd need a good warm sleep after carousing in this cold weather for a week, too. 

Yep, this was our boy one week ago today, trying out Abby's new bed (because that's how he rolls...what belongs to her belongs to him!) while watching Biggest Loser with us:
One angst filled week (for us humans) later, he strolled home, howling on the back deck for sustenance.  And of course, we're happy to oblige.  He's a little scraped up and dirty and I don't even want to know what he's been doing.  We're just relieved he's home safe and sound.

 Molly's excited too...can't you tell?  For the record, her back is facing him.  She's had juuuust about enough of his wandering shenanigans.  Again people, she's big-boned.  Heh heh... 

Abby is very excited as well...
Haha...actually I found these shots of her on the camera when I downloaded the Willie shots.  I'm not sure who took them but finding these was like finding a $20 bill in your coat...good stuff! 

Homework can really take it out of ya, huh?! 

And last but certainly not least,  I share another photo that makes me smile.  Actually, it's two photos in one!  Woohoo...double prizes!  I give you Hayley and Kryger...holding Hayley and Kryger:
Kryger is Hayley's volleyball coach extraordinaire.  She rocks.  I could go on and on, but that is a whole nother blog post.  Last week was her birthday and she came over to celebrate Liebel style:  with killer burgies, home made fries and Dew dumplings.  And she brought her dear friends, the Jacksons, over too.  So much fun.  One of her gifts was this photo taken at Hayley's Senior Night.  Hayley was presenting a team gift to Kryger and I happened to catch this great laugh between them.  It so sums up their relationship and this one truly makes me smile.  Like I said, this season of volleyball deserves its own post...and it will happen.  Awards night is March 7th, so it will be shortly after that.  

Now, I'm going to go hug on my kitty cat.  And have a word with him about his less-than-stellar behavior! 

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