Monday, December 27, 2010

The Christmas Card Photo Shoot

After some gentle prodding from the Blog Nazi's out there, (HI JARED! HI HAYLEY!) I decided to make good (only one day late!) on my promise and update my neglected little blog!

Insert applause here.

Okay then. What shall I write about? There is no shortage of things I could fill you all in on. We had a season of Volleyball with Hayley that was pretty darn good. But that is a long post with lots of photos that aren't yet edited. Besides, due to unforeseen circumstances (and a blog post all its own!) the Volleyball awards ceremony had to be postponed until further notice and that probably needs to be included in the Great Volleyball Post of 2010 2011.

We're right in the thick of Bowling season for Brian. But thats going pretty darn well (can you say 175 average?!) and I don't want to jinx we'll wait on that, too.

I went back to work pretty much full-time (hence the serious lack of Blog posts) but due to those pesky HIPAA laws, I can't really say much other than I absolutely love my job and all the co-workers and patients I get to see every day. Oh, and if you're in need of some killer Physical Therapy, might I suggest NorthSound Physical Therapy? You'll be glad you did!  =)

Dan is still busy as ever representing ADC Engineering up here in Washington.    He just returned from a week-long business trip down to SoCal in mid-December so that's always fun for him because he gets to visit with family and friends while he's down there.

We just celebrated our 4th Christmas up here in the Pacific Northwest.  And our first non-White Christmas!  What's up with that???  It's actually just a little late...we're due for a nice snowfall in two days.  Yay!  Even though the kids are 16 and 18, they turn into playful little kids out in the backyard on their little snowdiscs when it snows. 

So, since I can't send a Christmas card to every single person we've ever met, I like to take a photo of the card and post it here or on Facebook as our Christmas greeting.  This year, we decided to feature the kiddies holding the kitties on the card.  I hope you've enjoyed the series of shots that I took...just trying to get a decent shot of the Christmas card.  It's like Molly wasn't happy starring on the card...she had to make sure she was front and center for the photos! 

We hope you all had a very Merry Meowy Christmas and may you all be Blessed with a wonderful 2011.

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Laura and Corey said...

i love the christmas card! i am happy to see the new bloggy blog!