Friday, September 10, 2010

18 years ago...

8:00 am.  We had just arrived at the hospital to be induced.  Our first baby was 10 days overdue and frankly, I didn't think he or she was ever going to decide to make an appearance on his/her own.  The doctors concurred.  Thirteen hours and one blessed epidural later, Hayley was born.  Two became three.  Such a defining moment.

Flash forward eighteen years.  Can it really be that eighteen years have gone by and this sweet little baby...

has grown into this sweet young lady, ready to take on the world?

 I wish I had more baby pictures scanned in to post right now.  Alas, that was in the pre-digital era and they're in a box upstairs and I'm on a tight schedule here.  See, little Hayley plays volleyball.  Really well.  And we're headed to Yakima today to watch our girl play tomorrow in a tournament at the Sundome.  Go Lady Cougs!  (They played their first game of the season last night and basically taught Cedarcrest a lesson and it only took 3 games to do it!  Ten kills for my girl...woot!)

So, for now, my baby gets to finally sleep in today, we'll make her a yummy birthday breakfast, and then there will be a fun bus ride to Yakima for the team this afternoon and we'll all meet up for dinner at the Olive Garden.  My girl dies for their soup!  And no doubt there will be some napkin folding going on at the table too.  (Guaranteed photos of that coming!)

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY HAYLEY!   We love you and couldn't be prouder!

Edited live from Yakima, Washington!
I told you there would be napkin folding at the Olive Garden!

Hayley taught her mad napkin-folding skillz to her fellow Lady Cougs!  That's Brian in the bottom left corner...pretending he doesn't see  the antics!  Well, either that or he's hungry and just wants to order his Seafood Alfredo already!

Then there was this little surprise that came with Hayley's dessert...eighteen gorgeous pink roses from her boyfriend Luke! 

Hey Luke?  Well played Sir...well played!

I'm off to bed.  I know the formatting is all off on this, but I'm tired and we have to get up uber early to watch some awesome volleyball!  LAKEWOOD COUGARS IN THE HOUSE!!  I can't wait!!!

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Kelly said...

Okay, I have just read through pages of your blog an love you just a little bit more with every post. I've bookmarked it, and am ready to keep up. Can't believe I missed Hayley's bday. lame. I'll have to make it up to her. Thanks for sharing!