Wednesday, July 29, 2009

“What I Did Today” by Diane K. Liebel


  1. Got up, fed the fuzzies, made a cup of coffee and took a shower.
  2. Put on a baseball cap. Because it is too friggin’ hot and humid to bother drying my hair. (Can I just remind you all that we live in the Pacific Northwest? It is not supposed to get to 100 degrees here. But today, it is supposed to hit 101 degrees. I’d like to file a complaint with Mother Nature…
  3. Started the car 5 minutes before we had to leave because it is hot in the car. Really hot. And I wasn’t going anywhere until the air conditioner cooled it down.
  4. Dropped Brian off at his driving lesson and went straight to Target.
  5. Made a mad dash through Target to get to the just-stocked fan section and quickly shoved three (3) column fans into my cart. No doubt, they ran out of just-stocked fans within ten minutes.
  6. Smugly paid for my three fans, knowing that someone is going to ask a Target employee the same stupid question I did yesterday…”Excuse me? Where are the fans???” Ya know, I don’t appreciate being laughed at by Target employees as they exclaim, “Hahaha…we sold out in five minutes…hahaha…check back tomorrow…hahaha!”
  7. Filled up the car with gas at Costco. Smiled smugly at the guy behind me because I had three (3) fans in the back of my car and he didn’t.
  8. Went into Costco and headed straight for the Produce walk-in refrigerator, where it is a delightful 40 degrees. I slowly examined every item of produce in said walk-in.
  9. Briefly considered going and getting a display lawn chair and sitting in said Produce walk-in refrigerator for the rest of the day.
  10. I decided against #9 because I think the Costco employees would have noticed and asked me to leave.
  11. Josie Grandma calls and thinks she is funny by asking, “What are you doing? Sweating??? Hahahahaha!” (Josie Grandma lives in the hottest place on earth, otherwise known as Arizona. She loves this kind of hellish heat.)
  12. I told Josie Grandma that no, I was NOT sweating because I was in the Costco Produce walk-in refrigerator, thank you very much! We continued to talk until I had to pay.
  13. I picked up Brian from his driving lesson and we went home to set up our three (3) new fans.
  14. I just set up one of the fans about 18 inches behind me and decided to blog about my day.
  15. At least I’ve stopped sweating.

Sigh. I hate heat. I love cool.

We are going to Kenny Chesney on Saturday. It is only supposed to be 88 degrees and party cloudy. Who do I need to bribe to get full cloudy??? Cuz I’ll do it. =) I will.

That is my update for today. I have tons to post about, but I’ve been lazy. And now its too hot. But here is a teaser of what we’ve been up to:


The Josies came to visit us. We had a nice visit with them. We did lots of this:


Gin. Ahhhh. I’m just going to throw a number out there. 85. That’s all I will say. 85. Those that need to know will know what that means.

I put Josie Grandma to work making cushions for our front porch set. She banged them out in a couple of hours.


Pretty, no? What you don’t see in this pretty picture is the frogs that live under the cushions. Yes, you read that right. To get out of the heat, our frogs climb between the wicker and the cushion and hang out. It is what it is.

And finally, we had a new member of our family. Meet Willie Lunchmeat.


I’ll have to write more about Willie later because this photo makes me very sad. See, Willie Lunchmeat was with us for 2 1/2 weeks and then he wasn’t. I don’t know if he found someone who fed him better (like THAT would happen!) or if he met a sad fate. We just know that he didn’t come home.

Brian took a trip to see old friends and family in SoCal and Hayley had some volleyball camps. We’ll get to all that later. For now, I’m camping out in front of a fan with a glass of lemonade! Stay cool!


Josie Gramma said...

Your day yesterday was very interesting. I told all our pool noodle buddies about your stay in the Costco walkin cooler (that is kept at approx. 40 degrees)-- No one can understand why my daughter does not like the warm temperatures. We thrive on 90 plus temps and consider Winter anything under 70 degrees.
Its going up to 108 today, Sat-109 Sun-109 Mon-108 Tue-108 Wed-110.
But remember its a DRY HEAT....
July has been the hottest July in recorded history in the Phoenix area and June the coolest.
Daddy played golf on Monday morning, said it was very hot. Gold Canyon golf resort brought towels soaked in ice water to all the golfers on the course. Poor babies.
The Indians use to wrap wet sheets around their bodies and sit in a breeze. You could try that!
Stay cool

Laura and Corey said...

yay for your blog! i was going to have to call you and harrass you for an update. 100 degrees is hot. not as hot as the day we pulled into lake havasu though. 125 degrees. you read that correctly. it was miserable. love, laura

Julie said...

101? That's just a Tuesday here! Happens all the time. I'm raising little heat monkeys. Athena gets cold when it drops below 90.