Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Very Sweet Sixteen Years Ago Today...

This bundle of joy entered our lives! And in the blink of an eye, she's gone from this: this!

But in between, she was this:

...enjoying her First Birthday Cake! ~ Sleepover with all her girl cousins, 1993

...and wearing mom's "Up Shoes!" ~ 1995

...hanging out in the park and being cute ~ 1999

...all dressed up for Fifties Day at school ~ 2000

...ready for school in the rain ~ 2000

...playing Tee-ball for the Indians ~ 2001

...our angel in the school Christmas program ~ 2001

...celebrating her First Holy Communion ~ 2002

...St. Helena of the Cross (All Saints Day) ~ 2002

...taking it all in at Rainbow Falls in Mammoth, CA ~ 2003

...all gussied up for Be a Fool Day at school ~ 2004

...picking flowers in Yosemite's Tuolumne Meadows ~ 2004

...ringing in the new year ~ New Years Eve 2005

...admiring this $60,000 piece of bling! ~ St. Thomas, 2006 Minnie Mouse attending a Halloween Party (with homeboy Lil' Liebs) ~ 2006

...working the big block on the volleyball court ~ 2008

.and lots of practicing of the driving skills! ~ 2008

So there you have it! A very brief glance at our daughter growing up through the years. We sat here looking at photo after photo, laughing so hard at some of them. If only I could post all of them here, you'd get a better idea of what a character this kid is. We are so proud of Hayley and all of her accomplishments. We know that the future holds wonderful possibilities for her and we can't wait to see where life takes her!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBO! We love you so much!


Josie Gramma said...

Happy Birthday Hayley
We were there at your birth - a day that still brings tears to my eyes. Much love

Laura and Corey said...

I seriously got all teary looking at all these pics of Hayley. I remember my mom telling me that she was born when she picked me up on my first day of school in 5th grade. My first memory was holding her in her bedroom- I remember I was wearing a hideously ugly green NIKE shirt...I will never forget her first slumber party! ahhh the memories. Corey and I love Hayley so very much and watching her become such a beautiful and talented young woman has been a blessing...(the tears come again)...