Thursday, May 22, 2008

It isn't easy being green...

One of my goals up here has been to grow things. When we first got up here, I saw so many gorgeous flowers and plants and I knew that when Spring hit, I was going to try to grow some of the flowers that I couldn't down in California. So, I stocked up on bulbs and gave it a shot. I got my Fall bulbs in the ground a little late, but they came up anyway. The daffodils were the sturdiest. They survived freezing temps, snow and hail. I need to deadhead them now though, because they called it quits a few days ago. So did the little purple muscari. The red tulips just bloomed, but the slugs (ick!) really enjoy nibbling on them. We put out bait and the slugs come to a little death party every night! Good times! Meanwhile, I planted the Spring bulbs early this month and some are just starting to poke through! There are tons of dahlias in all different colors, pink peonies, purple gladiolus and multicolored rananculas. I also planted zinnia and lupine seeds, which are starting to poke through. Keep your fingers crossed for me...I tend to have a negative effect on growing plants! My wonderful Mother's Day gift was these two hanging fuschia baskets in the picture and a blue hydrangea. We went to the Smokey Point Plant Farm and seriously people, it is a gardeners dream! They have acres and acres of flowers, trees, shrubs and decorations. We picked out this variety (pink marshmellow...yes, that is the correct spelling!) and it has undoubtedly the most beautiful blooms I've ever seen on a fuschia. So, if everything that I planted blooms, our yard is going to be an explosion of colors and you can be sure I'll post pictures...mostly for gloating purposes, but also to prove that I actually grew something!

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